Ping Pong Paddles

Let your paddle unlock your unlimited potential!

SpinWin | Ping Pong Paddleset | Indoors and Outdoors

ControlPro | Ping Pong Paddleset | Indoors and Outdoors

UltraAttack | Ping Pong Paddleset | General Purpose

PotentialExplode | Ping Pong Paddle | Shakehand

LoopLife | Ping Pong Paddle | Penhold

FocusFree | Ping Pong Paddleset | General

Ping Pong Paddle Anatomy

Ping pong paddles consist of 4 major components – the handle, blade, sponge, and rubber. Each of these components are going to vary depending on the paddle and are what makes each paddle unique. Before picking a paddle that’s right for you, you must understand your own playing style and tendencies.

Paddle Grip Styles: Penhold vs Shakehand

There are generally two ways to hold your ping pong paddle: Shakehand grip vs Penhold grip. The grip you use should factor into what type of ping pong paddle you want to get. Certain paddles and in particular, the handles on these paddles, are going to be designed with one of these two grips in mind.

Paddle Ratings

A paddle’s performance is usually divided into 3 categories: Speed, Spin, and Control. However, you don’t want a paddle necessarily maxed out in every category. If a paddle generates a lot of speed, it’ll generally have lower levels of control. Whether you are a defensive or offensive player, as well as your overall playing style will determine which one of these categories you want to prioritize.

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