Ping Pong Tables

Table Tennis and Ping Pong Tables, Paddles, Balls, and Equipment.

Ping Pong Balls

Pilestone Red-Green Ping Pong Table TP-025 Titanium Coated Purple Lenses Both Outdoor and Indoor Use


Pilestone Ping Pong Table TP-006 Aviators for Red/Green Color Blindness


Pilestone Clip-on TP-018 Ping Pong Table Same Lenses as TP-012


Pilestone TP-009 Yellow Ping Pong Table (Tritanomaly/Tritanopia)


Ping Pong Paddles

SpinWin | Ping Pong Paddleset | Indoors and Outdoors


ControlPro | Ping Pong Paddleset | Indoors and Outdoors


UltraAttack | Ping Pong Paddleset | General Purpose


PotentialExplode | Ping Pong Paddle | Shakehand


Find the Best Ping Pong Table For You!

Ping pong tables are not created equal. There are many factors that should be considered when selecting what table is right for you. These factors include: indoor vs outdoor, table size, surface thickness, table frame, safety features, set up method, costs, and aesthetics. All of these factors should be accounted for when making the decision for finding the perfect ping pong table for you.

Our mission is to provide unbiased information about the top ping pong tables available, so that you can make an informed decision as to what ping pong table to buy. We take into consideration all the factors that go into determining the quality of the ping pong tables we sell and review.

Get State of the Art Ping Pong Balls

Not all ping pong balls are created equal! The quality of the balls impacts their bounce, durability, and longevity. Ping pong balls are often rated by a star system, which is a good indicator of it’s overall quality.

Gain A Competitive Edge With Your Ping Pong Paddle

Your ping pong paddle completely shapes your ping pong abilities. Just like how a swordsman needs a quality sword, a ping pong player needs a quality paddle. The paddle you pick impacts the spin, speed, and accuracy of the ball, which is game changing. It’s no exaggeration to say that games are won and loss depending on the quality of your paddle and the style that it allows you to play with.

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